Research is the lifeblood of academic institutions. Ex Libris Esploro paves the way to greater impact of academic research by maximizing visibility, efficiency, and compliance of research activities. It does this by systematically capturing, managing, and disseminating research output and data, leveraging library expertise and technology, and seamlessly integrating with existing research workflows.

Moving beyond the traditional institutional repository

Esploro creates a unified system of records. It widens the scope to all research output & data through automated capture and direct deposits. Metadata curation and enrichment make assets easily discoverable through academic channels and institutional portals.

Simplifying research workflows

Esploro unifies and automates research data workflows, replacing siloed, manually driven processes. For the library, the research office, and scholars, Esploro facilitates tasks such as managing research output & data, enhancing and applying metadata, depositing materials, and updating scholarly profiles.

Connecting libraries with research activities

Esploro helps libraries play a key role in academic research. It enables library staff to leverage their skills and technology in support of research processes and promotes librarians’ collaboration with the research office and researchers.

Improving compliance with research policies

Supporting the research office’s ability to manage and track publications, Esploro enables an institution to monitor compliance and ensure adherence to government and funder requirements, including open access policies.

Product Highlights



Captures research outputs and related data in a unified, metadata-rich repository



Leverages the power of the Alma cloud platform with integrated workflows, metadata tools, linking, and analytics


Tailored Compliance

Includes workflows for complying with local and global regulations, including open access, APC tracking, and DMP sharing



Measures research impact through relevant metrics and benchmarks for research, individual institutions, and across institutions


Rich Profiles

Automatic population of researcher profiles with publications, affiliations and activities



Provides open APIs and out-of-the-box integration with library and campus systems


Streamlining research processes
while at the same time not
putting any extra load on
researchers is critical.

Carl Grant, Interim Dean of Libraries at the University of Oklahoma

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