Leganto Affordable
Learning Solution

Helping students and
schools save money

Ex Libris Leganto helps institutions counteract the rising cost of course materials for students by identifying and using resources already available through the library, open educational resources (OER), and open access materials. If instructors wish to use licensed resources that are not part of the library’s collection or are not available for free online, Leganto provides a low-price pay-per-use licensing model that significantly reduces costs for students and institutions. Libraries also enjoy significant savings thanks to Leganto analytics, helping staff make informed selection decisions that support their teaching needs while avoiding burdening students with extra costs.
Find out how much money Leganto can save your students and your library

Stop students from paying for resources you already offer

Students should never have to pay for resources that are already available from the library’s collection or through open access. Leganto ensures that this doesn’t happen by instantly checking ownership and availability of all course material and automatically creating links to library-held resources.

As instructors or librarians are developing resource lists, Leganto enables them to easily add materials that are part of the library collection, incorporate open educational resources (OER), or upload materials from their desktop. Furthermore, Leganto cross-checks materials that the list creators upload or find elsewhere (through publisher websites, scholarly databases, or even Amazon) against library holdings. If a resource is already available through the library, Leganto will automatically create the appropriate link for students to access the material or provide details about physical holdings.

Use a low-price pay-per-use licensing model

Even when licensed resources are not available through the library, Leganto provides a unique pay-per-use licensing model that controls course material costs for both students and the institution. If your institution is paying for students’ course resources, Leganto will allow you to pay only for content that is actually used by students, and only for the number of students who have downloaded it. Students can purchase only the resources they need and only when they need them during the academic term, without incurring unnecessary costs up front.

Make “fair use” fully useful and avoid copyright breaches

Some reading list materials may fall under fair use and some may be copyright-protected. Being wrong in either case has its own associated costs for the institution. Leganto mitigates this risk through integrated workflows for copyright compliance, so you can feel more confident when making materials available to students. A rules-based engine, pre-configured to match copyright regulations and easily customized by the library, automates checking for fair-use compliance and leaves only exceptions for the library to decide upon.  By storing copyright-related information and tracking the usage of resources, Leganto enables the library to generate copyright-related reports required internally or by third-party auditors.


Gain insights that save the library money

Resource list data and comprehensive usage data are logged in Leganto. An analysis of this information provides libraries with the insight they need to make informed decisions about resource purchases and licensing options and to recommend relevant materials to instructors as they create their course reading lists. With Leganto, the library can ensure that its collection best supports the curriculum, suggest less expensive alternative resources when needed, and confidently cancel underutilized materials. Instructors can use these insights to shape and improve future reading lists, making them more affordable and more engaging.