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Move to Distance
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Provide access to online course
materials and scale up
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The massive transition to distance learning places a significant burden on universities and colleges worldwide. In times of uncertainty and budget pressures, institutions need to leverage their existing resources to ensure a meaningful academic experience and keep students engaged in online and hybrid learning environments. Libraries have a key role to play in delivering course resources efficiently and supporting faculty in the creation and revision of course resource lists for online learning. Leganto helps your library do this at scale, leveraging your existing library technology, collections, and expertise.
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Online access to learning course resources Full

Streamlining access to academic course resources

With Leganto, students benefit from a consistent and intuitive access to online course resources, from any device, directly from the course page in the learning management system, making it easy for them to find and use course resources remotely.

Leganto also helps you minimize problems with access to course materials due to missing or broken links, reducing unnecessary friction in students’ learning experience.

Teaching experience in online learning environments Full

Improving the teaching experience for faculty in online and hybrid environments

Leganto enables faculty to easily select, manage, and share quality course resources, saving them time and effort. Faculty can combine materials of all types to create structured, comprehensive resource lists that make it easier for students to engage with courses online and understand what is required of them.

Faculty can create reading lists themselves or in collaboration with instructional designers, teaching assistants, librarians, and peers. Reading lists are embedded in the institutional learning management system, making it simple for instructors and their students to access all materials in one place.

Teaching experience in online learning environments Full

Electronic academic course materials

Identifying electronic versions of books and book chapters

Libraries invest significantly in licensing electronic resources for the use of faculty and students. However, these resources are often under-used in courses due to lack of awareness or confusing processes to add them to courses.

Leganto enables faculty, instructional designers, and librarians to easily replace physical materials with online equivalents, leveraging the library collection. Links to library resources are automatically created, eliminating manual work. Furthermore, with Leganto the library can automatically analyze course resources and identify physical resources that are available in electronic format.

Facilitating access to physical books

Facilitating access to physical books

Despite the gradual shift to electronic resources, physical books still consistent an important part of teaching and learning. Leganto enables you to provide access to books by digitizing book chapters or a subset of pages under fair use or fair dealing and make them available to students registered for the course.

Facilitating access to physical books

Affordable online course resources

Making online course resources affordable and diversified

Leganto helps reduce student costs on course resources without compromising on quality of teaching. Faculty, instructional designers, and librarian can select and recommend alternatives for costly coursepacks and textbooks by using library existing collections and other materials available at no cost, including open educational resources (OER), and open access materials. Leveraging the library expertise, the collaborative approach of Leganto, and the ease of finding and adding any type of resource, faculty can diversify their course resources and keep them updated and relevant.