Leganto Campus

Accelerate adoption
of Leganto

The Leganto Campus Engagement program provides support, tools, and resources to assist libraries with launching and adoption of Leganto by both instructors and students. Through this program, libraries can build a robust plan for rolling out Leganto and increasing its usage over time, ensuring a successful resource list service.
Meet the Expert: Mary-Lynn Bragg, Program Director

Your partner, the Campus Engagement Manager (CEM) 

A Leganto Campus Engagement manager is assigned to each library during the implementation phase to coach and guide library staff.
The Ex Libris representative helps the library:

  • Assess the institution’s needs
  • Define its vision for success
  • Create an adoption model and related promotional activities that will enable the library to achieve this vision

The CEM continues to check in with the library throughout your launch and subscription period, helping adjust and adapt your plans to meet the library’s changing needs.


A toolkit of self-guided and sample materials

All libraries receive a selection of materials that will guide them in their roll-out of Leganto:

  • A 5-step adoption strategy guide, provided to all new Leganto customers, including sample timelines and communication plans
  • Individual planning exercises and best practices for the library to review and incorporate in its planning
  • toolkit of sample messaging for emails, presentations, and marketing materials that can be used to promote Leganto and ensure that it is successfully adopted by instructors and students

Community connections and success stories

The Campus Engagement program encourages Leganto community members to work together, sharing ideas, best practices and proven materials, so that new institutions can benefit from the achievements of more experienced Leganto users and the resources they have produced. In turn, the Campus Engagement manager helps each library highlight its own success stories to share with the community.