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The RefWorks® reference manager is perfect for institutions that want students and researchers to produce better, more accurate papers. RefWorks simplifies the process of research, collaboration, data organization, and writing by providing an easy-to-use tool for citation, bibliography, and reference management. RefWorks provides round-the-clock support, and empowers library administrators to define institutional reference list styles and analyze usage across the institution.
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Collect and import

Find, access, and capture research materials from virtually any source and in any format. Auto-completion of reference data and retrieval of full text saves time and ensures accurate citations.

Manage research

Unify materials in one central workspace to facilitate storage and reuse, and take advantage of powerful tools such as tags, folders, full-text searching, and deduplication, to access and organize references with ease.

Share and collaborate

Organize, read, annotate and highlight full-text documents individually or share privately with members of your institution or with any RefWorks user in a collaborative environment.

Extend library impact

Enhance library’s contribution to research and student success with a fully supported reference management service, enabling library admins to set and disseminate institutional styles, analyze usage, and manage copyright compliance.


RefWorks Reference Management Software

RefWorks is an easy-to-use reference management service that supports the needs of all types of information seekers: students, advanced researchers, faculty, administrators and librarians, to maximize research productivity.

Entirely cloud-based, RefWorks provides consistent interface and provides researchers the same user experience, no matter how it is accessed. With RefWorks reference management tool, students and researchers are empowered to do the best work they can, while library administrators can support users, define institutional reference list styles, and analyze usage across the institution. And, the Ex Libris world-class support team is always there to help you.

RefWorks for Library Admins:

  • Customize and manage user accounts
  • Measure usage with sophisticated analytics and reporting
  • Disseminate institutional citation styles to drive consistency across the institution
  • Manage copyright compliance of full-text sharing thus reducing the risk of copyright infringement
  • Integrate with Link Resolver storage applications and third-party systems
  • Participate in an administrator community site that provides peer support, open conversations, and resource sharing
  • Easily introduce RefWorks reference management tool to new faculty members who in turn can easily teach their students

RefWorks for students & researchers:

  • Find, access, and capture research materials from virtually any source; including hundreds of library catalogs, PubMed, and Library of Congress
  • Integrate with today’s top writing tools like Google Docs and Microsoft Word, using RefWorks embedded plug-ins (RefWorks Citation Manager or Write-N-Cite)
  • Generate bibliographies and search thousands of authoritative citations styles
  • Manage data in multiple formats – PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and HTML, stored in one central workplace
  • Access over three billion records from Ex Libris’ discovery services for rich, relevant citation metadata
  • Collaborate with other peers within the same institution or elsewhere. Read, annotate and highlight full-text
  • Use Projects for deep collaboration and systematic review

RefWorks for faculty members:

  • Capture research or course materials from virtually any source
  • Provide one central workspace for your own references
  • Share folders and projects with students
  • Collaborate on group projects
  • Automatically generate bibliographies and authoritative citations


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Product Highlights



Works seamlessly as part of leading writing tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs, and compatible with a wide range of file formats



A browser-based interface provides the same experience regardless of the platform



No syncing or installation required! A cloud-based service provides unlimited storage



Integrates with Ex Libris discovery services for access to metadata from over three billion records


Citation formats

Delivers access to thousands of citation styles, and allows you to create your own style or apply institutional styles



Provides training, dedicated support staff, and educational videos to keep users productive


RefWorks allows people to concentrate
their energies and enthusiasm on the
writing, the knowledge, the discovery,
all those exciting things.

Adam Edwards, Middlesex University


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